The Ultimate Court SpellCaster

Win any legal matter, get your bail request approved and stay out of jail using my court spells that will align the ancestral spirits & universal forces on your side to change your destiny. With the help of my powerful spells, you will be able to freeze a court case, have charges dropped against you, get out of jail & have your court case dismissed

Spell To Drop Charges

Spiritually influence the outcome of all legal matters in your favour. Make all charges against you be dropped & eventually win any legal court case whether criminal & civil using my effective court spells.

Court Freezer Spells

Stop a court case against you & make all your legal problems disappear using my court case freezer spells. Prevent witnesses from testifying against you or make them give testimonies that do not implicate you

Out Of Jail Spells

Get you out of jail & cause your court case to be dismissed. Doesn't matter how many years someone has been in jail. I ensure you or your loved one to legally get out of jail and shielded from arrest & jail permanently

About Psychic Rowan

An African voodoo healer and the most powerful spell caster based in Africa inherited his unique mystic, psychic healing and spell casting powers from his forefathers; just like it is the case for every powerful traditional healer and psychic in African cultures.

Rowan uses amongst other healing and psychic mediums; water, fire, spirits and herbs to solve an uncountable number of problems faced by people around the world casting out demons, uniting dysfunctional families, saving people from being jailed, terminating court cases, curing numerous ailments to mention but a few.

Win in Court

I can help you to overcome legal issues and achieve the results you desire. This spell is designed to help you win in court, avoid jail or prison, win lawsuits, obtain custody, and win settlements.

With the help of this spell, you will be able to gain victory in the court proceedings and be able to fight for the justice that you deserve.

The Win in Court spell will help you to access the divine energy of the spiritual realm and increase your chances in court.

Get Child Custody

Nothing hurts like your child growing up without you being a part of their journey. Situations like not taking any important decisions in their lives like schools, having limited visitation hours among others.

The good news is that I am here to help you get the full custody of your child and fully be part of their lives

Through this spell, you will be able to influence the judge and jury in your favor, as well as convince them of the truth behind your story and arguments.

Win Divorce Case

Marriage is a great gift because of so many reasons one of which is keeping both partners happy but when time goes on that happiness changes and stuff you used to enjoy together become boring.

This spell is designed to help you win your divorce case, obtain custody, and win settlements

You will be able to gain victory in the court proceedings and be able to fight for the justice that you deserve. It is completely safe for you. Nothing will ever come back to you. No bad Karma ever.


You must be 18 + years of age to request for my services, also note that my services are based on African traditional healing and psychic-abilities, they are not intended to replace medical or legal advice which should always be sought from a qualified professional. Results vary from one person to another
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